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Common Questions about Seasonal Rotation Services Answered:

What is the difference between a seasonal rotation and a regular planting?

Trees, perennials, and shrubs typically have one window of time during the season where they flower and look their best and then cycle out of flower. Seasonal rotations typically involve annual flowers which do not come back after the winter but provide more ongoing color through each season. They can be displayed in the ground or in containers. Our seasonal rotation designers are out each of the four seasons rotating these plants to provide a burst of color for that particular season to fit the specific needs of the space, the time of year, and the client.


What information does my seasonal rotation designer need?

Before starting any displays of seasonal rotations, if you have colors that you like or do not like, or if you want either simple or lots of variety to your annuals, you are welcome to specify this to your Kemora designer. They will also need to know which seasons you are interested in signing up for as well as what the look and feel it is that you’re going for. All of this is taken into account by our Seasonal Rotations designers who then execute those designs and beautify your outdoor space.


Do I have to sign up for every season?

Our seasonal rotations designers can put together beautiful displays for every season and transition between as well. Some of our clients enjoy the rotation at each season, while others only choose to do summer and winter seasonal rotation displays. It really depends on what you, the client, needs and wants when it comes to the beautification of the space.

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