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Common Questions about Maintenance Services Answered:

What’s involved with a maintenance visit?

Maintenance crews typically mow grass areas, blow and remove leaves and debris from planting beds and shovel cut edges as needed. Crews are available for spring and fall cleanups only, monthly or bi-weekly maintenance for yards that do not have grass areas, and weekly maintenance for yards that do have grass areas.


Why is maintaining my landscape properly important?

Regular mowing keeps your grass at a healthy level so that areas don’t begin to get shaded out and decline. Pruning shrubs and small trees help to keep them in an appropriate shape and proportion to the yard. Deadheading and cutting back perennials helps encourage re-flowering and also keeps them in proportion to the space they are in.


Do I have to sign up for weekly maintenance?

If you have lawn areas, it is important to keep them mowed and maintained weekly. However, if you do not have lawn areas, you do not have to do weekly maintenance and can have a crew come bi-weekly, monthly or seasonally to maintain your property as needed.


Does Kemora offer an organic lawn program?

Kemora Landscapes offers both traditional and organic lawn care program options. The goal of organic over traditional lawn care is to build up the long-term health and nutrients of the soil. In doing so, it builds grass that is thick, healthy, and in turn, prevents weed seeds from landing and germinating. We apply several natural fertilizer applications throughout the growing season for this process. You may still see some weeds in your lawn in the short term, whereas chemicals may have more immediate effects. However, the long-term health of your lawn and its ability to push out weeds will continue to build up over time.

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