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Main Objectives

  • Find innovative solution for an insignificant front entry that was cramped and dated
  • Increase curb appeal since house sat on a prominent corner lot with minimal plants
  • Work with current slope of the yard and existing tree

“Marisa gave us great ideas to transform our urban back yard. It feels ten times larger and much more accessible than ever before, and with low-maintenance plantings that will make our lives easier. The team who did the installation were great, and we hired them to come back for a spring cleaning and they did a fantastic job.”– Jen M.


  • Front steps were re-built using oversized bluestone slabs and veneered sidewalls to eliminate the need for a railing. The wider, more welcoming traffic flow was more visually prominent to highlight the front door as the primary focal point
  • Planting design incorporated small outcroppings to create levels in the slope and add additional structural and winter interest
  • Curved beds usher the eye towards the front door to further highlight the entrance
  • Additional serviceberries were repeated to tie in with the existing tree

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