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Faith has you covered for seasonal color—a passion reinforced by their love of…

NAME Faith Callaway
PRONOUNS They/Them/Theirs
DEPARTMENT Annual Designer
EDUCATION San Francisco City College + Merritt Community College – Horticulture
CREATIVE PASSION Music, Interior Design, Making Terrariums, + Tattooing
WHY THIS PASSION SPEAKS TO ME I’ve always played music and it is such a strong outlet for how the world is latelyI think screaming my grievances helps! Interior Design is a creative staple in my life and environments. Maintaining indoor plants really taught me a lot as they are vastly different than outdoor plants.
FUN FACT I’m obsessed with all things Cetacean (Whales)! I collect books and even have a huge Sperm Whale tattooed on my arm. It’s my dream to swim with them someday!


Kemora Landscapes is a full-service design, build, and maintenance company based in Chicago.

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