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Lush oasis, or patio paradise? Kemora’s designers know how to give you the landscape you’re looking for.
We’ve all been there before. The giddy excitement…

…from booking your first design appointment has tempered, and now you’re left with a terrifying thought: I’ve never spoken with a designer before, what do I do?

The biggest challenge for a designer is sussing out your personal aesthetic and budget, so using the below to prepare for your appointment ensures both designer and client hit the ground running on the same foot.

An example of Kemora’s scaled plans.

Kemora Landscapes is a full-service design build studio with experience designing and installing hardscapes—patios, retaining walls, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, decks, etc—and softscapes—plants, mulch, and everything in between. We also work with or can recommend subcontractors for elements that fall outside our expertise.

Our designers can put together simple or extensive estimates. To design a space as accurately as possible, a Plat of Survey may be needed. You can either provide a hard copy at the consult, or a digital copy can be emailed to your designer.

Turn around time for a scaled plan drawing of your design is typically 2–4 weeks, depending upon the design complexity and season. If you wish for a 3D image to further understand the project, a small fee will be added. Spring and fall are our busiest times, so please be patient as this is an artistic process and designs are done in order of appointments. You are more than welcome to ask your designer for status updates of your project at any time!

“The more your designer can learn about your likes/dislikes,
how you will use the space, and your landscape goals, the more personalized your design…”


Do you like clean lines, geometry, and tidy plantings? Or are you more free-flowing in your preference of curves and landscape textures? When capturing your style, words or pictures that describe your aesthetic help the designer customize your space.

Are you looking for less greenery to take care of? No problem!

See our Houzz profile for style books, or feel free to create your own Pinterest or Houzz compilation. The more your designer can learn about your likes/dislikes, how you will use the space, and your landscapes goals, the more personalized your design!


The look, feel, and style of your project will depend heavily on the materials used. Check out our projects and inspirations to see specific examples of common landscape materials in the Chicagoland area. If you see something you like, let us know so we can get your estimate as accurate as possible.

General Budget

To get started, we’ve compiled some general budget ranges based on past completed projects. Please note there is flexibility in both materials and plant spacing, so Kemora can customize your project to fit a preferred budget range or discuss completing your project in multiple phases. Once you receive your estimate, we welcome any questions or discussions to further fit your budget!

200 s.f. Patio $3,000–$5,000
200 s.f. Artificial Turf $2,400–$3,000
200 s.f. Sod $395 + soil
Front- or backyard planting (city)
Front- or backyard planting (suburbs)
Pergola $5,000–$7,000
LED Lighting $1,500–$3,000

Kemora Landscapes is a full-service design, build, and maintenance company based in Chicago.

Are you a plant-lover at heart? Our designers are experts in the local plant palette and have you covered!


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