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Since 2002, Kemora has grown through the help of our excellent client base. Currently, we have a team of nine skilled office staff. Our staff includes:


More recently, Kemora found that there is a high demand for carpentry as part of our landscape makeover process. Therefore, we now have a focused carpentry division who builds custom wood structures like decks, pergolas, privacy screens, benches and other structures.

We do our best to provide a seamless client experience, while servicing all of your property’s unique needs.


The main focus of the Kemora workplace is to create a work environment that is positive, accepting and supportive of each employees’ unique personality and talents. We encourage staff members to enjoy what they do and pursue their passions at work, as well as in their personal lives. Many of our employees commonly enjoy travel, playing musical instruments, as well as growing indoor and outdoor plants in their own homes.

We strive to treat all of our employees with respect and openness, and in turn hire crews and staff members who respect not only each other, but our clients, their property and their ideas or vision for a personalized outdoor space.


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