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Landscaping Services from Kemora Landscapes

Landscaping Services from Kemora Landscapes offer a variety of resources, all with one goal in mind... to give you the best-designed spaces for your needs. Landscape Design, Landscape Installation, After Care & Maintenance, Seasonal Rotations, and Snow Removal are all landscaping service areas we cover with the highest standards of quality and care for your taste, your style, your needs, and your vision. We work with you from beginning to end; inception to completion and give you the tools for success in maintaining your newly created landscaping and outdoor areas.

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Landscape Design

Landscape Design is the first step of our process for transforming your outdoor space. With this, an experienced Kemora Landscapes' designer will do an on-site consultation to identify the architecture of your home, existing site conditions, and asses how the space is used and how you plan to use it. We take into account your personal preferences and goals for the space and then incorporate those landscape design or architecture needs into a customized design plan. When the final plan has been reviewed and approved by you, the client, it can be scheduled for installation with one of Kemora Landscapes' skilled installation crews.

Why do I need a landscape designer?

Our professional landscape designers can help you choose plants that are right for the soil, light exposure, and site conditions on your particular property. We can also choose plants that provide visual and aromatic interest at each of the four seasons. Our Kemora designers also do a lot of hardscape layouts to help make your yard as functional as possible for what you’re looking for, whether it’s large or small.

What do I need to prepare for my initial consultation?

Your landscape designer will take the time to talk with you; asking about your goals, personal style, material likes and dislikes, and your approximate budget. Landscape design can be a bit overwhelming, so when you make your appointment, we will provide you with some resources to look over to better prepare you for this process. Your landscape designer will also ask to see or get a copy of your plat of survey. This helps their design and planning process to be as accurate as possible.

How does the design process work?

Once one of our Kemora landscape designers have met with you, they will take your personal preferences and measurements of the space and put together a customized estimate and design as needed. This shows our ideal scenario for your space. During this part of the process, you are welcome to make adjustments as needed to make it a space you will personally enjoy for years to come. Once your design is finalized, we can contract you for the work and put you into our installation scheduling queue.

What type of projects does the design team have experience creating?

At Kemora Landscapes, our landscape designers have a wide range of experience with various types of properties and scopes. We have successfully designed patios, driveways, walkways, synthetic turf installations, outdoor kitchens, cooking and entertainment areas, fire pits, fireplaces, and plantings over the years. We also work with local carpenters to design and install pergolas, screens, and other wood elements and structures. All of this to ensure that you get the outdoor space you've always dreamed of.

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Landscape Installation

Our Kemora Landscapes Installation crews have experience installing paver, brick, and natural stone patios; walkways; wood structures like pergolas and raised planter boxes; outdoor lighting; retaining walls; stone veneer; synthetic turf; above-ground irrigation; and much more. We stand behind each landscape installation, creating a quality project that you will enjoy season after season.

What will my landscape installation involve?

Our landscape installation crew will arrive on site with the project designer or project manager who will explain the scope of the project to them in detail. All of our crews have multiple years of experience installing hardscaping and plants. At this point, you're welcome to walk through the scope again and mention particular details about your yard with our landscape designer, project manager, and landscape installation crew. Our landscape designer or project manager for your space is in constant communication with the crew doing the work and will periodically return to check on progress. If you have questions while your designer is not onsite, you are welcome to contact our office or email them directly at any time throughout the process. All of this is in place to guarantee that you get the landscape design that you want and need.

How long will my landscape installation take?

Our landscape installation crews are composed typically of three people which make the project installation as efficient as possible. The landscape installation time varies by project scope, but once contracted, you’re welcome to ask your designer for an estimate of the number of days the crew will be onsite.

Do I have to be home for the installation process?

While you are not required to be home during the installation, we ask that any gates or entry areas are unlocked for the crew. We may also ask to park near your garage for more efficient loading and unloading.

How do I maintain my landscape installation?

While we strive to choose plants and hardscape materials that are suited to the local environment and require minimal maintenance, every landscape requires some periodic care to maintain the look and feel of the space. Regular watering is the primary requirement for the first season. Beyond this, periodic pruning, mulching, and clean-up of debris are the important ongoing maintenance tasks. We install above ground irrigation systems and can provide a maintenance quote as needed. We also work with an irrigation company for in-ground irrigation systems and can provide pricing and oversight for this as well.

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After Care / Maintenance

Kemora Landscapes' offers a variety of specialty landscape services and maintenance programs to meet your needs whether they are weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or seasonally. We offer lawn mowing, bed edging, leaf blowing and removal, lawn fertilization, weed removal and prevention, pruning, mulch and compost installation, spring and fall clean-ups, lawn aeration, raking and overseeing, and holiday decoration installation and removal.

What is involved with maintenance services?

Maintenance crews typically mow grass areas, blow and remove leaves and debris from planting beds and shovel cut edges as needed. Crews are available for spring and fall cleanups only, monthly or bi-weekly maintenance for yards that do not have grass areas, and weekly maintenance for yards that do have grass areas.

Why is maintaining my landscape properly important?

Regular mowing keeps your grass at a healthy level so that areas don’t begin to get shaded out and decline. Pruning shrubs and small trees help to keep them in an appropriate shape and proportion to the yard. Deadheading and cutting back perennials helps encourage re-flowering and also keeps them in proportion to the space they are in.

Do I have to be home?

While you are not required to be home during the installation, we ask that any gates or entry areas are unlocked for the crew. We may also ask to park near your garage for more efficient loading and unloading.

Do I have to sign up for weekly maintenance?

If you have lawn areas, it is important to keep them mowed and maintained weekly. However, if you do not have lawn areas, you do not have to do weekly maintenance and can have a crew come bi-weekly, monthly or seasonally to maintain your property as needed.

What if I have a special maintenance request?

Our Office Manager and Maintenance Manager work diligently to communicate and update clients and crews as much as possible. If you have a request that is outside of your typical maintenance, feel free to contact our office to find out if a cost is involved in completing your task or if the crew can just quickly complete it as part of their regular visit.

Do you offer an organic lawn program?

Kemora Landscapes offers both traditional and organic lawn care program options. The goal of organic over traditional lawn is to build up the long-term health and nutrients of the soil. In doing so, it builds grass that is thick, healthy, and in turn, prevents weed seeds from landing and germinating. Kemora maintenance crews apply several natural fertilizer applications throughout the growing season for this process. You may still see some weeds in your lawn in the short term, whereas chemicals may have more immediate effects, however, the long term health of your lawn and its ability to push out weeds will continue to build up over time.

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Seasonal Rotations

Seasonal rotations include flowering annuals, plants, and decor. All of these are a great way to provide ongoing rotations of color to further enhance the look and feel of your space throughout the changing of seasons. Holidays are an especially popular time to add an extra pop of color to an existing garden area or container. Perennial plants cycle in and out of flower; these plants can be used to decorate your front door, roof deck, patio, vegetable gardens, and beyond. Our team of seasonal rotation designers creates designs with annuals for Chicago businesses, homes, and highrises. Leave it to us at Kemora to find a creative solution to beautify any space!

What is the difference between a seasonal rotation and regular planting?

Trees, perennials, and shrubs typically have one window of time during the season where they flower and look their best and then cycle out of flower. Seasonal rotations typically involve annual flowers which do not come back after the winter but provide more ongoing color through each season. They can be displayed in the ground or in containers. Our seasonal rotation designers are out each of the four seasons rotating these plants to provide a burst of color for that particular season to fit the specific needs of the space, the time of year, and the client.

What information does my seasonal rotation designer need?

Before starting any displays of seasonal rotations, if you have colors that you like or do not like, or if you want either simple or lots of variety to your annuals, you are welcome to specify this to your Kemora designer. They will also need to know which seasons you are interested in signing up for as well as what the look and feel it is that you're going for. All of this is taken into account by our Seasonal Rotations designers who then execute those designs and beautify your outdoor space.

Do I have to sign up for every season?

Our seasonal rotations designers can put together beautiful displays for every season and transition between as well. Some of our clients enjoy the rotation at each season, while others only choose to do summer and winter seasonal rotation displays. It really depends on what you, the client, needs and wants when it comes to the beautification of the space.

How long will these seasonal rotations displays last?

Spring and fall seasonal rotations are typically shorter installations than the summer and winter. The plants used for those seasons do better in a cooler temperature range and once temperatures grow warm or cold, they will need to be changed out.

Do you provide pots?

Kemora often purchases and installs pots and planters for clients as requested. Please provide an idea of the type, look, and size you’d like and we can give recommendations and pricing to you.

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Snow Removal

Chicago weather conditions can change rapidly and without warning. Kemora Landscapes' dedicated fleet of trained snow removal professionals are there when you need them most; 24 hours a day. We clear walkways, patios, and parking areas as needed. We use advanced, environmentally-friendly methods to keep sidewalks and driveways safe underfoot. We also offer several traction options including potassium chloride, calcium chloride, sand, and pet-friendly salt.

When will snow services take place?

Kemora’s snow team monitors weather conditions closely before, during ,and after a winter weather event. The snow removal teams are typically dispatched toward the end of the snow event in order to clear snow efficiently and avoid double visits. If snow falls for more than a 24 hour period, the snow team may make two visits to clear the snow effectively. Snow clients are welcome to call or email our team for information on timing as needed.

Does Kemora Landscapes provide Zero Tolerance snow removal?

Kemora does not provide “zero tolerance” snow services. Zero Tolerance snow removal requires service under one inch of snowfall. Our contracts begin at one inch up to four inches of snowfall.