Roof-Deck Garden Design

Watch as we transform this Chicago Lincoln Park garage roof-deck with Fall annuals and plantings. Fall annuals are a great way to add beauty that is fresh and seasonal to any deck and outdoor space. Contact us and we’ll meet you at your own roof-deck to help make your vision come to life!

Assembling Fall Containers

Christine, at Kemora Landscapes, shows how she assembles a beautiful Fall container that is perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Reach out to Kemora Landscapes to learn about getting your own entry and outdoor spaces decorated for the holidays!

Seasonal Plantings and Fall Decor

Seasonal Plantings and Fall Decor: Watch our latest video on how we make your home’s entrance a beautiful sight for everyone to see for the fall season. Fall decor can include a variety of great and easy finds including pumpkins, gourds, hay, and cornstalks. Mums and Kale are great as stand-alones to help add some

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A Kemora Landscape Before & After Small Outdoor Space Transformation

At Kemora Landscapes we know yards. Heck, we know yards, lawns, outdoor living spaces, plants, flowers, seasonal rotations, patios, driveways, paths, walkways, construction, after-care, and a whole lot more! Now, back to yards. Specifically small backyards. Some Chicago yards can be so small that you may feel they are not worth investing time or money. However,

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Chicago Rain Forecast for Local Landscapes

If you feel like your plants are not looking particularly healthy, the most likely reason is probably due to the unusually dry summer season we have been having.  Recorded data has rainfall for September this year at 0.78 inches which is 2.45 inches below normal.  That makes this past month the 5th driest September on

Fall Lawn Care

Cooler weather and dewy mornings of September awaken turf from hot-weather dormancy that began in late July or early August.  New growth means changes in lawn maintenance as your turf is preparing for winter dormancy. You’ll want to troubleshoot and repair bare spots, fertilize, mow, and water appropriately for the cooler and more variable weather

Small Changes: Easy Ways to Move and Divide Perennials

The warm days and cool nights of September promote garden changes that may be on your Garden Redesign Task List.  Using weatherproof stakes or markers, mark out what you have on your spring list as a reminder for yourself next year.  To complete the fall tasks now, here are four steps you’ll follow: gather materials,

Planning for Garden Redesign

After a boisterous growing season in which you watched your back yard flourish into the romantic evening garden, you realize some conditions may have changed and your space needs an update. You may be anxious to get some of these changes done now while they are fresh in your mind but is it the right time

The Top 5 Reasons Your Grass Looks Terrible

#1 Too Much Shade Grass likes the sun. Between all the tall buildings and our multitude of mature trees, there are very few yards that actually get full day sun. Full day sun is more than 6 hours of direct sunlight. So that little ray you get under the tree coverage in the morning when