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A Kemora Landscape Before & After Small Outdoor Space Transformation

At Kemora Landscapes we know yards. Heck, we know yards, lawns, outdoor living spaces, plants, flowers, seasonal rotations, patios, driveways, paths, walkways, construction, after-care, and a whole lot more! Now, back to yards. Specifically small backyards. Some Chicago yards can be so small that you may feel they are not worth investing time or money. However, some simple changes to your backyard can convert that unusable eyesore and possibly wasted space into a quaint outdoor room.  Take a look at this example of a small space renovation.

We took a cramped seating area and unified the paving surfaces with a basic concrete hollandstone paver. We removed the tree and redirected the walk to open up the space and be as efficient with the paving surface as we could. The original plan attempted to maintain a small grass area per the client’s request. But once seeing the plan on paper, it was clear that the small grass area would be better used if incorporated as part of the patio. Not only did it reduce the maintenance requirement, and allow for more seating area, but it left more bedding available for future plantings to create more of a garden feel.

The result is a clean, effective, and efficient use of a small outdoor space…and it looks great! We can’t wait to see how the homeowners put their personal touch on it with spring plantings and furniture!

For more ideas and examples of how Kemora Landscapes can help you, please visit our Projects page and our Services page. Then Contact us here to schedule an on-site meeting to evaluate your space and your needs!

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