Planning for Garden Redesign

After a boisterous growing season in which you watched your back yard flourish into the romantic evening garden, you realize some conditions may have changed and your space needs an update. You may be anxious to get some of these changes done now while they are fresh in your mind but is it the right time to do so? The answer is YES!! The warm days and cool nights of September make it an ideal time to make most of your changes so next year will be just as successful.

Organize your garden redesign into a task list comprised of two sections based on spring or fall completion. Your tasks may be to add or remove certain perennials or to transplant and/or divide others. The best way to decide is based on bloom time – if they are blooming now, wait until the spring to divide or transplant and if they already had their show go ahead and do them now. These considerations will allow for the plant to establish itself properly before the next bloom period giving it a stronger show. Other factors to consider are time and plant availability and winter garden intentions such as winter interest and food for birds and wildlife).

Spring Garden Redesign Task List
• Spread Fall Anemones to fill in gaps inside bed
• Move Paeonies to sunnier spot by garage
• Divide Garden Mums, fill holes along border
• Divide Tall Moore Grasses with dieback in center
• Move Cone Flowers, Black-Eyed Susans

Fall Garden Redesign Task List
• Remove daylilies
• Move Coral Bells to spot along sidewalk
• Move Creeping Phlox
• Buy Sedum ‘ Autumn Joy’ at nursery
• Reduce Catmint stands

Helpful hint: when considering adding new plants, nurseries sell plants when they are in bloom to attract the customers to them. If you are seeking more fall color, cruise the nursery now to see what’s in bloom. Most usually have a great end of season sale to reduce their inventory for overwintering.

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