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About Kemora Landscapes' Mission

Our Mission
at Kemora Landscapes

Our mission at Kemora Landscapes is to approach every client's landscape and outdoor space need with solutions that are creative, practical, and match their lifestyle as best possible. Our goal is to translate vision into reality while giving every client the outdoor space they want and that fits their needs. Our landscape professionals demonstrate integrity and accountability throughout the entire process; using the best possible quality products available while working within budget. We offer valuable solutions that increase both property value and personal enjoyment and in the end create something special and unique.

About Kemora Landscapes' People Staff

Our People
at Kemora Landscapes

Our people at Kemora Landscapes are what makes us special. Our team of landscape designers provides a unique combination of landscape architecture education paired with extensive knowledge of plants and related materials. Our experience with developing our local plant palette and continuing education includes opportunities such as working at the Lurie Garden at Millennium Park, an English Garden study abroad program, and more.

The Kemora team also extends beyond designers to include a dedicated Office Manager, Maintenance Manager, and Project Manager to ensure the quality of all of our services.

About Kemora Landscapes' Affiliations

Our Affiliations
at Kemora Landscapes

Our affiliations at Kemora Landscapes are partnerships developed over years of experience. It is important for us to keep current with business and landscape design information. Kemora is a member of several landscape and small business organizations including:

  • Unilock Authorized Contractor
  • Illinois Landscape Contractors Association (ILCA) Member
  • 10,000 Small Businesses Program Graduate
  • National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) Member

Kemora Landscapes - About Our Company

Kemora Landscapes is Chicago's premier landscape design company for both residential and commercial spaces. With over 15 years of industry experience, Kemora Landscapes has been creating beautiful outdoor living spaces and bringing our client's visions to reality. Landscape design, installation, construction, and seasonal rotations are all a part of the full-service work that Kemora Landscapes does every day. In addition to developing and beautifying lawns, yards, patios, atriums, and more, when the Chicago weather hits hard, Kemora is there with professional snow removal for private homes, corporate lots, and city streets.

With the Chicagoland area having such a wide variety of outdoor living and landscape spaces, our team at Kemora brings the most experience and creative ideas beyond basic patios and plants. This includes outdoor kitchens, native plantings, rain gardens, rooftops, drainage solutions, driveways, and pool decks,. All of these, and more help make your outdoor spaces stylish, comfortable, and inviting extensions of our indoor living spaces.

Kemora is there for you from inception to installation to aftercare and maintenance. We start by visiting the space to be addressed and do sketching and design comps while in the actual space; on site. We work with you to ensure that our designs are on point with your vision for the space. We design based on what you like visually, what you need from the space (shade, plant maintenance, overall usage requirements) and source the appropriate materials for your project. We then prepare the area for installation and our crews get started with any cleaning, development, and construction needed.

We are there with you checking and monitoring the installation process every step of the way, making sure that everything is as perfect as can be and to avoid any errors due to unforeseen issues that might arise. Finally, we reintroduce you to your newly renovated outdoor space and go over any maintenance and upkeep information you need to know about. Beyond that, we check in with you at later dates to monitor things such as growth progress and weathering. From beginning to end, Kemora is there to hold your hand throughout the project process, making the entire experience as easy and care-free as possible.

In the end, you get a unique outdoor space that you will be proud to show off to your neighbors, family, and friends.